Together we can make a change

Providing special equipment, support, education, and training to children and adults with disabilites and the physically challenged in Ghana


Our Mission

Playing Darts
Ghana football team
Loading up a truck
Walk of Hope

Mission Statement

We believe that together we can make a change in the lives of all people with disabilities; children and adults, by providing special equipment, support, education, and training for everyday life and sports, and to help physically challenged people in developing countries to fulfill their full potential in life.


  • To collect and recycle disabled equipment that ordinarily would be unnecessarily disposed of in the UK.
  • To distribute the disabled equipment abroad to focus areas that the organisation decides.
  • To help promote projects that will develop skills for disabled people’s education and employment regardless of their disability, including the manufacture or repair of disabled equipment, e.g. canes for the blind, wheelchairs etc.
  • To provide support for disabled people in different ways such as workshops, group meetings, social centers, library loan service for the blind, sports competitions and self support networks.
  • To try to source items locally when it would be more cost effective, or of benefit to the local community.


Container Leaving Canterbury

A 40ft container left the warehouse on Friday, the MAYOR came and prayers were said to bless the shipment.

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The meetings this year are scheduled for April 13th, June 15th, September 21st and December 7th. Unless otherwise notified they will be held at AGEUK Castle Row, Canterbury, Kent.

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DESO AGM 22nd September

7pm on September 22nd 2016 at at AGEUK Castle Row, Canterbury, Kent

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Mavis and Eddie are incredibly active in their mission to make a change.

To help them please use the contact form for all enquiries and that way one of our support team can help you to help them.

Thank you so much.

Mavis & Eddie Hyde

Bilting Storage Business Centre
Canterbury Road A28
Kent, TN25 4HF
Charity Number: 1140030

For more information please use the contact form below.