Walk of hope

Walk of Hope 2016

When: 6am, Saturday 30th July, 2016

Where: Nungua Police Barrier along Labardi Beach Road

Finish: The Ghana International Trade Fair

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Walk of Hope

Walk of Hope 2016, Saturday 30th July

Saturday 30th July follows the very successful 2015 edition in which 1000 physically challenged people, school children and corporate organisations in Ghana took part in the walk.

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Playing Darts

Letter For Support

We are informing you the DESO (Disabled Equipment Sent Overseas) has been registered as an NGO in Ghana for the past eleven(11) years.

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Mavis and Eddie are incredibly active in their mission to make a change.

To help them please use the contact form for all enquiries and that way one of our support team can help you to help them.

Thank you so much.

Mavis & Eddie Hyde

Bilting Storage Business Centre
Canterbury Road A28
Kent, TN25 4HF
Charity Number: 1140030

For more information please use the contact form below.