January Report


DESO Meet Asantehene in Kumasi

DESO Founder and Director Mavis Hyde met the Asantehene (King of the Ashanti Kingdom), Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, after the May 9th Walk in Manhyia Royal Palace in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It was a honour for DESO to be hosted by the Asantehene. His support for the physically challenged is exemplified by him employing a deaf person in the Palace; this is a blessing to the disabled community. We say, God bless the King.

DESO Joined May 9th Walk in Kumasi

DESO joins Herbert Mensah to mark the 18thanniversary of the May 9 stadium disaster that claimed 127 lives in Accra. On the 3rd of May 2019 DESO and disabled Muslims joined the Muslim community in Kumasi Central Mosque for a Thanks Giving Service. The walk on Saturday 4th May started from the airport roundabout through the streets in Kumasi and ended at the Kumasi Central Mosque. Over 500 physically challenged people joined the over 10,000 people for the walk. DESO was part of the walk to show the world the ability in the disabled. Stallion Group and DESO donated disabled equipment including blind canes, crutches, walking frames etc. and food items such as bags of rice, boxes of water, and boxes of biscuits etc, worth £5000 to various disabled community.

Donation of a Wheelchair

DESO donated a wheelchair to a mother in Kpone. This special person has always been part of every event DESO organises. DESO is here to make a change as such little support can transform the quality of life of a physically disabled person. We believe that, indeed, together we can make a change.

Donation of a Laptop To a Special Boy

DESO also donated to Mr. Yorm Emilson, an 18- year-old meek man, a laptop, Bible, wheelchair, special disabled chair, school pack and many other items. He is a twin and had celebral palsy at age 5 when he fall on his way back from school. Yorm, an aspiring author is a blessing to everyone who meets him for the first time because he is a very special person and has a story to tell the world.

DESO Educational Project

DESO has been giving out school packs across the country to different schools and groups including KPONE CHILDREN, ASHIMAN CHILDREN, and KAMARIYA ISLAMIC SCHOOL. The bags contain school essentials such as water bottles, pens, rulers, exercise books, mathematical set, crayon, etc.

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