Walk of hope

Report 23/11/18 to 4/2/19


A container was due in Tema on 4/12/18 did not leave due to hold up.

Then held up in Nigeria arrived Tema 22/12/18. Got to DESO Land 8/1/19.

After big problems with demurrage, had problems with Ghana supply company. They have not been refunding 600 Ghana cedis back to DESO.

When the containers go back to the shipping from DESO Land, Mavis has put in an appeal to the Ghana government to have criteria changed, from the ministry of health to ta more flexible programme.

We have put the ball in their court at the moment, to see if they come up with some positive answers, over 100 wheelchairs have been going very well and school bags given direct to the children over 300 given out to them, the children who were physically challenged had school bags for the first time.

We also gave out over 200 bibles we would have liked more. Gifts of soap, toothpaste and mosquito cream, biscuits, and wonderful food for the party on 1/1/19 arrived on DESO land, Koko King for breakfast donated over 200 portions and Mr Ganesh supplied 200 portions of chicken and rice, water was supplied by Bel-Aqua and Everpure, we had a fantastic day. God is great.

You see world, together we can make a change.

We are trying to put roofs on the 2 containers that was given to us by the shipping company, we are in great need of funds, for cement, stone, sand, and labor. This time in Ghana, unfortunately, our big truck broke down it had to be taken to the Kia garage in Tema, the engine parts cost DESO 1,500 Cedis labor costs were going to be 2,000 Cedis when Mavis went to get the truck, they said labor was free. It was a great blessing.

The demurrage they wanted was 30,000 Cedis but Mavis only pad 15,000 Cedis and told them we want a refund please, there has been a lot of challenges this time, God has never let go of Mavis’ hand.

Mavis took 2,00 pounds from DESO, for the mission, will make a full account of money spent  Mr Maxwell the accountant in Ghana is taking care of the check book at the agrricultural development bank in Tema.

Kufi’s wages are being paid through the bank.

This is a true account from Mavis Hyde, Founder of DESO 2/2/19

Next big event is in Kumsi with the King of Kumasi for the stadium disaster on 3rd 4th May 2019. All are invited.

A Big thank you all for your support.

We rely on public to bring items to the warehouse Bilting Farm Self-Storage, A28 Canterbury Road, Bilting, Ashford. TN254HF. Mon to Friday 8AM to 6PM. Sat 8AM to 12:30PM.

When they are unloaded at the disabled centre at Kpone, Tema, Ghana. They are given to the people who really need them. We need wheelchairs, Cruches, Items for the blind. These items are being manufactured in Ghana.

Thank you for your support.

Together we can make a change.

The next big event in Ghana is May 2-3-4-5. DESO has been invited to the event to support the disabled people of Kumasi area, we will be taking crutches, wheelchairs, items for the blind. This is a yearly event and involves people from all religions.